How much is studio time?

Appointment w/o engineer - $40hr
Appointment w/ engineer - $60hr
Mixing/Mastering - priced accordingly

**SAME DAY BOOKINGS are accepted depending on the availability of the studio**

How can I book a session?

Scheduling a session becomes available when a deposit is submitted. The client may reschedule if they contact the studio at least  24hrs prior to their session. A  DEPOSIT WILL BE FORFEITED IF THE SESSION IS RESCHEDULED THE SAME DAY OR  A NO CALL/NO SHOW. ANOTHER DEPOSIT WOULD HAVE TO BE SUBMITTED IF THE  CLIENT WOULD LIKE TO RESCHEDULE. PLEASE. NO EXCEPTIONS. We understand that life can throw curve balls. Please, lets be professional.


Pro Tools 10

May I have guests in the studio?

Absolutely no guests  are allowed in the studio except the individuals that are  professionally and directly invested(Ex- managers, producers,  videographer, featured artists etc). We are very professional and take  pride in our service.  We want to dedicate our full time and attention  to the artist recording and the composition of their music.
*We highly recommend that the artist(s) come by themselves.

What does my studio time consist of?

Studio time consists of recording and/or  mixing of audio within the purchased slot time. Please be mindful that  the uploading, downloading, “ruff” mix and/or emailing of media deducts  time from your session. So use it wisely. Downloading media from the  internet and/or uploading it also deducts time.
*It is strongly recommended that you save time at the end of your session for ruff mixes, uploads and/or emails.

Do you save my session files? If not, how do I do so?

No, we do not save session files unless  there is an agreement with the studio. The client must bring a storage  device to back up their session.

Outstanding balances

The  client has 7 days from the finish date to settle their financial balance  and pick up the work that was completed. The work will be deleted after  that. The client is still responsible for the bill and would have to  pay 100% upfront for any future business. If the bill is left unsettled  the appropriate legal action will be taken.

Damaging property

The client is fully responsible for the reimbursement of the full new value of anything that is damaged in the studio. No exceptions.